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Wireless Telemetry

Telesense Remote Cardiac Rhythm Monitor



Cellular technology allows us to provide reliable Telemetry Monitoring of patient Arrhythmias. ¬†CardioLink’s wireless monitors detect V Tach, Brady, Pauses, AFib and More.

CardioLink employs state-of-the-art wireless telemetry monitors that automatically capture and transmit ECG recordings to our receiving center where they are quickly reviewed by one of our highly trained technicians.

Wireless Auto Trigger ECG Monitors
are rate sensitive and can automatically record an ECG if a patient’s heart rate falls outside physician programmed rates. Wireless Afib Auto Trigger Monitors can detect the occurrence of AFib without the need for patient activation.


  • Wi-Fi based remote and local communication
  • Live patient visibility and wireless transmission of arrhythmia events
  • Remote device configuration via Wi-Fi, cellular (via Mi-Fi) or wired connection
  • Proven diagnostic accuracy
  • Data analysis software that enables efficient receipt and event triage
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Bi-directional communication with all EHRs
  • Auto-trigger and auto-transmit
  • Single-button Event and Transfer
  • Lead-Off detection
  • Detailed web-based reporting
  • Convenient, comfortable size
  • Event-only monitoring option available