CardioLink | Pacemaker Monitoring
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Pacemaker Monitoring


CardioLink’s pacemaker monitors are compact, self-contained hands-free systems designed for patients who have difficulty holding the telephone steady during a transmission. Your patient simply calls our telephone “hotline” and when instructed by a Cardiac Technician, your patient places the phone’s handset into the monitor’s “cradle” which transmits the pacemaker pulse strip to CardioLink’s Receiving Center for analysis.


Our highly trained Cardiac Technicians check your patient’s pacemaker battery status, function and the “end of life” status of the pacemaker. ┬áIf any pacemaker malfunction is detected, a technician will immediately contact you, as per your guidelines, to provide a verbal report and notify you of a potential problem. A clear, concise and accurate report will be generated and promptly forwarded to your office by, mail or e-mail.