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Arrhythmia Monitoring

Arrhythmia Monitoring


Let CardioLink help your patients capture elusive cardiac symptoms when they occur. CardioLink provides state-of-the-art Cardiac Event and Loop Monitors that are small, lightweight and easy to use. Arrhythmia Monitoring may be the service of choice, especially if a patient’s symptoms did not occur while the patient was wearing a Holter monitor.


Event ECG Monitors


These portable hand-held, patient activated arrhythmia monitors enable a patient experiencing transient cardiac symptoms to press a button which records into memory an ECG. The Event Monitors are designed with built-in electrodes for easy of use. CardioLink has a variety of event monitors to suit the needs and preferences of physicians and patients.


Memory Loop ECG Monitors


These small palm-sized arrhythmia monitors are excellent for helping patients capture elusive cardiac symptoms. These monitors are worn with two chest electrodes that capture date before and after the patient activates the record button. This enables transient symptoms to be recorded. The length of the recorded ECG, pre and post patient activation, can be programmed to best capture the patient’s symptomatic events. A variety of Memory Loop Monitors are available to suit the particular needs and preferences of physicians and patients.