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Frequently Asked Questions…


Q.  Do I call CardioLink in an emergency?

A.  No, call 911.  CardioLink is not an Emergency Service. 


Q.  How long do I have to keep the cardiac monitoring device?

A. The length of time you are required to use the monitor is determined by your physician and your insurance company.  However, every patient is unique.  If you would like more information, please contact your doctor or call CardioLink.


Q.  What do you do with the EKG recordings CardioLink receives from the cardiac monitor I am using?

A.  Once a CardioLink technician receives a recording, a report is then generated and sent to your physician for diagnosis.


Q.  I have a large deductible or no insurance, will CardioLink work with me?

A.  CardioLink is a patient-friendly company committed to working with you and your insurance company.  However, each patient’s situation is unique.  All billing and insurance matters are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Q.  Do I need to get my own referral or any pre-authorizations?

A.  No, obtaining a referral or authorization is part of the exceptional patient care provided by CardioLink’s Account Services Department.