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International Normalized Ratio

INR Home Monitoring Program


Testing a patient’s INR levels in a lab can be difficult for patients who are on long-term therapy, require frequent testing or have venipuncture difficulty; especially if the patients are homebound or young children.


CardioLink’s INR Home Monitoring Program
Helps your patients conveniently and accurately monitor their PT/INR levels from the comfort of their homes. CardioLink can provide your pateints with an INR Monitoring System, testing strips, training and round-the-clock patient support.

CardioLink’s highly trained professional technicians obtain the test results from your patient and prepare a detailed report containing the patient’s demographic information, current INR level and prior readings for comparison. The report is quickly faxed to your office and, if the patient’s INR level is out-of-range, our technicians will contact you in accordance with the parameters indicated on your prescription.