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Telephone Number: (516) 997-LINK(5465)

Hotline: 1-800-872-1112

Fax Number: (516) 520-6234

Technical Fax Number: (516) 394-7476

Acct. Services Fax Number: (516) 394-7479

CardioLink Email:

Privacy Policy:

For each visitor to the CardioLink Website(s), our web server automatically recognizes only the consumer’s domain name, but not the e-mail address (where possible), address of the website you have come to us from (referring web address, if any), pages you visit while using the site and the time and date you visited.  The information is used for historical statistics so that we may make the site more pleasing and useful to our visitors.  No other information will be collected about you.


Personally Provided Information:

You do not have to give CardioLink personal information to visit the web site(s).  IF you choose to provide us with additional information about yourself through an e-mail message, or email form, this information will be help in the confidence.  The Information we collect is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.


Disclosure :

CardioLink does not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information about our visitors, unless specifically required for law enforcement or statute.

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